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Talk of red contacts and the first thing that comes to the minds of many is the Halloween festival, partying or other celebrations of such kind. This article discusses best red contact lenses, types such as red vampire contacts, red Halloween contacts, Twilight red contacts and those used for sports. See the types of red colored contacts below.

Celebrities such as Bryce Harper have been spotted several times sporting the pop of red lenses. No doubt, the lenses are fashionable and very useful for theater costumes as seen in many movies. Let’s look at what they are.

What are Red Contact Lenses?

Red Contact Lenses

Red Contact Lenses

Oftentimes, theatrical contacts, Halloween, crazy lenses, special effects, novelty contacts, costume, cosmetic, and vampire contact lenses are all synonymous to red colored contact lenses. One typical characteristic of red lenses is that they assume the red color. There may be of different types, designs and color mixes, but the bottom-line is that they are red in color, as part of their major defining feature.

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Red contacts can be plano or of astigmatism quality. However, this may depend on whether you are setting out to get prescription red contacts or non-prescription red lenses. Their uses also vary and define the kind of quality they should have.

Twilight Red Contacts, Vampire, Sports, Halloween

Bryce Harper is just but one of the many sports celebrities wearing red colored contact lenses. Without a doubt, they use these lenses for various reasons:

  • To freak people out
  • To reduce the glare while playing – for red contact lenses for sports
  • To block the blue light when players are playing ball
  • For cosmetic reasons, just to look funky
  • For Halloween costumes
  • For theatre functions – theatrical red contacts. We have seen these in many movies, including Twilight, Twilight New Moon, Saga and so on. Some people even confuse red colored lenses for twilight red contact lenses.

Types of Red Colored Contact Lenses

Edi with red contact lenses in Twilight Movies

Edi with red contact lenses in Twilight Movies

Basic types of red lenses are 3 in total: tinted red contacts, theatrical colored contacts, and enhancement contacts.

  1. Tinted Red Contact Lenses: Tinted red lenses are just like other types of colored contact lenses that can be both cheap and expensive depending on whether they are prescription red contacts or non-prescription red contacts. Red tints are not mean to alter the color of your eyes. Studies have shown that tinted red contacts reduce pain when suffering from migraine attacks.
  2. Enhancement Red Lenses: These will alter or enhance the color of your eyes to look red. They work best on light colored eyes. However, even those people with dark eye colors can use them to achieve a natural red tint. Red contact lenses are best for dark brown eyes, blue eyes, as well as hazel eyes.
  3. Theatrical Red Contacts: The third type of red colored contact lenses is theatrical contacts. These are cosmetic, Halloween, crazy or wild as you may like to call them. For their purpose, they are best for all types of eye colors. These have a solid tint in them. They can produce a scary effect, as in vampire red contact lenses.

Different Trends and Designs of Red Contacts

You choose from a wide range of red colored contacts. The designs are creative and very exhaustive unlike white contact lenses and other colors. Solid red colors are some of the best red contact lenses, and commonly used to produce a fiery effect. Other best red contact lens designs include the following:

  • Red Sclera Contacts – one of the scariest of red lenses. It does not have eye whites left to be seen. All the lens is colored red, leaving just a small round pupil that is black. It is the best for a zombie costume. You can also use it for Halloween.
  • Vampire red eyes – Have a dark or black line from the middle, imitating a real iris on the edges of the eye.
  • Red devil eyes – give an intense fierce look. Have a very solid red color.
  • Red Valkyre – These are novelty contact lenses printed with a crocodile design.
  • Glow in the Dark Red Contacts: Like white contact lenses and even black special effects contacts, some red designs can also glow in the dark. These glow under UV lights.

Tips on Safety, Risks, Dangers and Side Effects of Red Contact Lenses

Animal Design Red Contacts

Animal Design Red Contacts

All sorts of contact lenses have their own risks, dangers and side effects. You must exercise safety precautions when wearing special effects contact lenses. The FDA recommends that if you have to buy theatrical contact lenses, ensure you opt for prescription red contacts to ensure safety of your eyes.

  • Find out the diameter of your eyes first. An eye exam would be very helpful with this. That means that you opt for prescription red contact lenses and not non-prescription contact lenses, which come cheap and without an eye exam.
  • You can buy cheap red contact lenses, but ensure you do not wear them overnight, otherwise you will damage your eyes.
  • Do not wear red contacts, or any other type of cosmetic contacts when you feel your eyes are dry.
  • Do not share them to avoid the risk of eye infections.
  • If you see signs of impaired vision, do not wear theatrical contact lenses. See a doctor.
  • Ensure you know the appropriate steps on how to wear contact lenses, even when using non-prescription red contacts to avoid injuring your eyes.
  • Watch out for symptoms such as discharge, pain in the eyes, headaches and itchiness. They could point to allergy or infection.

Prescription vs. Non-Prescription Red Contacts

What are prescription red contact lenses? Well, prescription is an eye doctor’s recommendation. If you want to get safe Halloween or special effects contacts, you should opt for those prescribed by an eye doctor.

Non-prescription red contact lenses on the other hand are cheap and can be bought online without prior eye exam. These may come with dangers such as infection or non-fitting effects, hence can be uncomfortable or unhealthy to wear. Many websites sell non-prescription colored contact lenses for cheap online, hence it is easy to find them with a simple order. See below where to buy non-prescription special effects contact lenses.

Where to Buy Cheap Red Contacts without Prescription – Cost

Cheap red colored contact lenses can be a great way to transform the look of your eyes. You can buy these from many, many online stores. However, when you want to buy safely, you can choose prescription ones from outlets like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and even local drug stores. Ebbay and even amazon sell all sorts of red contacts. Buy Colored and Costume Contacts.

Non prescription special effects colored contact lenses for cheap can be bought from outlets like Eyecandys, Red Contact Lenses for Halloween, ExtremeFx, YouKnowIt and many other online outlets selling special effects or theatrical contact lenses.

Generally, the cost of non-prescription red contacts renders them cheap, but that depends on the type too. Sclera special effects contacts are a bit expensive and may cost around $150. Normal ones such as vampire red may cost about $34.50, which is arguably cheap.

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