Pink Contacts – Hot, Paradise, Rave on Blue, Brown, Dark Eyes, UV, Neon & Non prescription Cheap Pink Contact Lenses

Of all the special effects contact lenses, pink eyes from pink contacts are very unique and rare. There are different types of pink contacts. Before you get yourself hooked to the sweet new look given by the pink eye colored contact lenses, go through the guide below.

  • What are pink contacts?
  • Where to buy pink contact lenses?
  • Can I get non-prescription pink contact lenses?
  • Where can I buy pink lenses online?
  • What are hot pink, paradise pink contacts, rave pink contacts?

How to Choose the Best Pink Contacts for Blue, Brown and Dark Eyes

Pink Cat Eye Contacts

Pink Cat Eye Contacts

Best colored contacts for brown eyes and dark brown eyes ought to be opaque. When choosing pink contacts for brown eyes and pink contacts for dark eyes, it is important to go for darker shades of pink in order to achieve a good opaque effect.

Blue eyes and green eyes can also become a challenge because they are somehow bright or warm. Therefore, choosing something that is not opaque but pink will interfere with any bright pink or hot pink contacts. Therefore, you will still have to go for darker shades of pink colored lenses. This is still important even when you are opting for hot pink or glow pink colored contacts. See Best Colored Contacts and Accessories.

Best Types and Designs of Pink Contacts

Most online reviews do not clearly indicate the best pink contacts worth trying. However, as seen above, you can choose the best pink contacts basing on your eye color type. Some people would choose cheap ones and feel they are good, so preferences vary. However, when we look at Halloween rainbow variations, you will learn of different types of pink colored contact lenses.

Funky eye pink contacts

Funky eye pink contacts

Black and pink mix of colors, yellow and pink, purple and pink as well as just about any other color and design can fit to be called the best pink crazy contacts. Hot or sweet pink contact lenses are also the best since they grab attention fast.

You can wear neon pink or glow pink lenses if you are going for a party or want to grab attention. Some of them, such as those with a mesh are absolutely crazy yet appearing sweet on the eyes. Find your best.

Some of the top or best brands are ColorVue, FreshLooks, CooperVision, Bausch + Lomb and many other brands make pink contacts, but you will rarely find them with the best designs. However, a thorough search online will guaranteed you safe theater circle lenses.

Pink leopard contact lenses

Pink leopard contact lenses

Can Wearing Pink Colored Contact Lenses Cause Pink Eye?

Most people imagine pink contacts cause pink eye condition/disease. There is a difference. Pink eye is an eye disorder, also called conjunctivitis. Wearing pink contacts is not specifically going to cause the pink eye problem, but it is known that wearing both plano lenses or corrective contact lenses causes the eye to suffer from giant papillary conjunctivitis. This pink eye condition is an abnormal immune response of the eye occurring as a response to the presence of something in the eye, such as contact lenses.

If you wear used pink eye contacts, or any other cosmetic contact lenses that have been used by someone with pink eye condition, you are likely to have the virus or bacteria transmitted to your eyes. This is because the condition is contagious but through the real physical transmission of the microbes on surfaces such as colored lenses, whether astigmatism or plano.

Prescription vs. Non-Prescription Pink Contacts

Pink Contacts

Corona Pink

Non-prescription pink contact lenses are all over the internet. While they are cheap, most eye doctors will recommend the more costly version – prescription pink contacts. There are advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pros of Prescription Pink Contact Lenses

  • Prescription pink colored eye contacts are safer to wear because they will be specific for your eye type.
  • The risk of side effects such as pink eye disease is reduced.
  • Like red contacts, black, white contacts, blue etc. prescription l
    Crystal Pink Contacts

    Crystal Pink Contacts

    enses are likely to be more comfortable since you will get the right size for your eyes.

  • Prescription colored contact lenses are only sold in reputed drugstores, even when they are online-based.

Cons of Prescription Pink Contacts

  • Not easy to get different designs and trends as those non-prescription pink contacts counterparts.
  • Not easy to have them customized to your tuning.
  • Prescription pink contacts are very expensive since you have to go for an eye exam first.

Pros of Non-prescription Pink Contacts

  • Non-prescription pink lenses will definitely be cheap.
  • You can find variant designs and color variations of non-prescription pink contact lenses.
  • Like blue contact lenses and purple or violet lenses, you will find pink lenses that are designed for different eye colors such as brown, dark brown, green, etc.
  • Easy to find since you can buy pink contacts online for cheap.

Cons of Pink Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

Bubble Pink Contact Lenses

Bubble Pink

  • Very dangerous to wear non-prescription contact lenses since they can cause vision problems.
  • May not be comfortable on the eye, so you might not wear them for long.

Where to Buy Cheap Pink Contact Lenses Online

The question of where to buy pink contacts is common when it comes to Halloween lenses, or the normal types of crazy colored contact lenses. But seriously, leaving the question of where to buy prescription and non-prescription cosmetic contact lenses, where can you buy pink contacts? Buy Colored and Costume Contacts.

Online stores sell these fashionable eye accessories. Most of them do not just stock pink but also green, pink, rainbow, orange, blue, yellow lenses and many other colors. Though it is rare, you can still get these in local licensed drug stores that sell special effects contact lenses. Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and other places also sell pink contacts online.

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