Best Nail Polish Racks and How to Make Yours at Home

A nail polish rack keeps you organized and able to store your nail polish perfectly. See the best types of nail polish racks such as wall mounted, acrylic polish racks, spinning, plastic, clear, hanging ones and DIY ideas for making homemade display polish racks.

Best nail polish racks can be bought or made at home with simple DIY steps. We will look at simple steps on how to make a nail bottle polish rack below, after which you will learn of the different types of racks as options for storage, with cool suggestions of the best brands or how you can improvise with simple ideas. First, learn how to build a polish rack.

DIY Nail Polish Rack: How to Make or Build a Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Rack by Opi

Nail Polish Rack by Opi

You can make a homemade polish rack using wood or other materials you can find at home. Making one using wood might be the simplest since it is all about laying wooden bars and jointing them.

Materials for Making Custom Polish Racks

  • about 24 screws
  • dry wall anchors
  • 1×2 inch wood pieces to make shelves. 1i –inch width and 2-inch depth
  • Saw
  • Hanging hooks
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • Nail filler
  • Paint

Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Cut the pieces of wood to the right widths and lengths.
  2. Lay the pieces of wood out on a flat surface ensuring you space them evenly. Leave at least 4 inches width between them to accommodate the height of the nail polish bottles.
  3. Place an overlay bar on the laid-out pieces and screw them onto it to make shelves. Do this for both sides.
  4. Glue and screw wood trim pieces to both sides of the shelf, in front. This will prevent the shelves from falling out.
  5. Nail well and sand the homemade nail polish rack.
  6. Paint it to make it a custom or personalized nail paint rack.
  7. You can screw hanging hooks onto the top corners of the rack to make it easy to hang in the walls.

    Glass Vase for a Nail Polish Rack

    Glass Vase

That’s it ladies. Try making your own rack and see how it comes out. Below are the best types of nail polish racks you can also consider trying.

Best Types of Nail Polish Racks

What is the best type of polish racks? Well, here are some of the best (and most commonly used) nail polish racks. They include acrylic racks, wall mount racks, hanging types, plastic, spinning, clear racks and more. Let us look at each of these with good examples out there.

Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

Basically, as the name suggests, acrylic nail polish racks are made up of acrylic material. It is known to be durable. Apart from it being a durable pick for storing nail paint, acrylic polish racks are generally clear, so you will find them perfect for displaying your nail makeup. There are different types of acrylic racks:

  • Acrylic nail polish racks for tables
  • Acrylic racks in cases – good for ladies who travel a lot.
  • Acrylic wall mount nail polish racks – you can hang these on the wall if it is convenient.

Wall Mount Nail Polish Rack/Wall Mounted Polish Rack

A wall mounted polish rack is simply a nail polish wall rack. Instead of putting it on the table, you affix it on the wall to give it stability. Wall mount nail polish racks are great if you want to display the bottles of your nail polish since you can easily mount them on any space of the wall that you like. One of the best examples of the wall mounted polish display rack is:

  • Dina Meri 345 NAIL POLISH RACK Organizer wall mount

Hanging Nail Polish Rack

A hanging nail polish rack is a stylish nail polish storage that you can hang almost in any space of your dressing room.  Some of the common hanging nail polish racks include the following.

Hanging Nail Polish Rack

Hanging Rack

  • Wrought Iron Hanging Polish Rack Royal Crown
  • Hanging Nail Polish Racks Wrought Iron Metal Lucky
  • Hanging Polish Rack Wrought Iron Metal Sea

Spinning Nail Polish Rack

If you like style, this is the right type of rack for you. Most of the spinning polish racks are made of acrylic and clear material. It is a nail polish display rack that spins round, so you can spin it to choose the exact type of paint you would like to use for that particular day. See the image of spinning polish rack. By far, this is one of the best nail polish display and storage racks you will find.

Clear Nail Polish Rack and Plastic Racks

Most of the clear display racks are made of acrylic material. Depending on the design, you might be able to close and open the racks by sliding although you will still be able to see the bottles of your nail polishes since the covering is clear and transparent.

On the other hand, plastic nail polish racks are normally colored, so you can pick any color you like. Plastic display racks will make your dressing room colorful. The positive side to plastic racks for nail polish is that they are durable and very easy to maintain.

Cheap Nail Polish Racks for Sale and Best Brands

Other than making your own nail lacquer rack at home, you can opt to buy one from some of the best brands of nail makeups. If you have a large collection of nail polishes such as black polish, pink nail color, glitter polishes, neon nail paints, matte nail polishes and many other types of nail lacquer, you could try to use a ready-made rack for storing all your favorite polishes. Some of the commonly used ones are:

  • Opi Nail Polish Rack – This is mostly custom made to hold OPI nail lacquers. So if you are an OPI kind of girls for your nude nail paints, gelish or any other type, this is the best nail polish rack for you.
  • Fuji Nail Polish Rack – This is one of the best polish racks out there. It is a wall mount rack with a huge capacity. You can use Fuji polish rack to store different types or brands of nail color. You do not need to assemble it, so you can easily mount it or hang it on the wall. Fuji is made of acrylic and is durable for a long time.
  • Deco Nail Polish Rack – Deco is one of the leading cosmetic storage solutions. If you have a manicure salon and would like to go for a serious paint storage solution, Deco racks such as Deco Apple Rack is worth trying.

    Spinning Nail Polish Rack

    Spinning Rack

Some of these racks are made to hold nail polish bottles from the specific manufacturers. For instance, the OPI nail polish rack is one of the racks that can be used with OPI nail lacquers. However, if you do not have an entirely OPI nail polish set, you can use it to store other brands as well, such as Essie, Sally Hansen, Chanel and so on. Some of the cheap nail polish racks may hold up to 140 bottles of polish with ease.

Shop around to find a cheap rack if you cannot afford to make a homemade rack on your own. But where do you find cheap polish racks for sale? You can check out some of the best nail paint racks for sale on Amazon and eBay, although you can shop for them at Walgreens and CVS. If you are thinking of cheap ones, go for online places such as Amazon.

Nail Polish Rack Ideas

Nail storage does not have to be a challenge. With simple ideas, you can improvise a place to store your best brands of nail polish and still have them safe and long lasting. Some of the nail polish rack ideas, or storage solutions include:

  • A DIY polish box like the one we have seen above.
  • Storage cubes, especial clear ones where you can store your polish and see all of them. The idea is to improvise shoe boxes and turn them into a rack for your nail polishes.
  • Make a shelf for your nail polishes. A homemade clear polish rack with a transparent glass can add to the aesthetics of your room.
  • If you would like something that is portable, a polish roll is one that you can buy. It is a good polish rack for girls who travel a lot. I find it very convenient when I don’t want to have the polishes on display.
  • A glass vase is one of the polish rack ideas you can try. You might not find it very organized, but you will definitely like the display of the nail polish in the vase.

With some of these ideas, you can either buy or make your own polish rack at home. It is a much cheaper alternative, but the bottom line is that you will be able to keep your manicure makeup organized to avoid spills.

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