Types of Lips

Types of lips – a very interesting subject. Do you know your lip type? Just in case you did not know, there are different types of lips such as big lips, fuller lips, huge or large lips, small lips, thin lips, round lips and thick lips. Here, learn the best lip makeup tips for each of these types of lips. Click below on the links to discover meanings, personality traits of each of the lips and best lip makeup for them.

Thin vs. Thick Lips

Large Lips

Large Lips

What are thin lip types? How do people with thin lips behave? What is the meaning of thin lips? What is the meaning of thick lips? Which celebrities have thick lips? How do you do makeup for thin and thick lips? All these have been answered in two different articles below:

Types of Lip Shapes

Well, people have different types of lips, some are round, while others heart shaped. Here, we have a detailed article on types of lip shapes, specifically detailing the meaning and personality of people with round lips. Click on the link below to read more on round type of lips and great makeup tips for round lip types.

Great Makeup Tips for Round Lips with Lip Gloss and Balms

Fuller Types of Lips

Some people have fuller lips. And yes, fuller lips are said to be sexy and more attractive on women. Want to know how people make their lips fuller? Here is a guide to help you learn the meaning and personality of people with fuller lips, and how to make thin lips fuller. You will also learn which lipsticks look best on fuller type of lips.

Lisa Rinna Large Lips

Lisa Rinna

Small vs. Big Lips

Whether small lips are more attractive compared to big lips is a question that has many opinions for answers. Find out the meaning of small lips, celebrities and makeup tips for small lips. On the other hand, we have also detailed meaning and personalities of big lips and the best lip makeup tips for both small and big lips in the article below.

The Extra-Sized Lip Types

Jennifer Aniston Thin Lips

Jennifer Aniston Thin

Large lips, also called huge lips can also be downplayed. In the article below, we have discussed the best lipstick colors for the type of lips that is described as large or huge. For exploration purposes too, we have looked at the meaning and personality description of people with the extra-sized lips. Click on the link to find out more.

Other Lip Makeup Resources

Other than types of lips, you can also benefit a great deal by finding out the best lipsticks, best lip balms, lip primers, liners and other lip makeups by visiting the links below.

For further reading on lip makeups, visit our OTHER LIP MAKEUP SECTION.

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