Large Lips or Huge Lips? Get the Meaning and Makeup Tips Here

Large lips or huge lips – what do they mean? What is the personality of girls and men with large lips? This article reveals not only the meaning of huge lips but also makeup for women and men with huge lips. You will also find out actresses and models who have larger lips.

  • I have huge lips, is it OK?
  • What is the meaning of large lips?
  • Are huge and large lips in men and women attractive?
  • Which actresses and models have larger lips?
  • How can I do lip makeup for large-sized lips?
  • Read on to explore the answers below.

Meaning of Large Lips or Huge Lips

Large Lips

Large Lips

Lip-size reading in the Chinese tradition gives a bigger size of lips meaning just like it does for small and thin lips. Thin lips have a certain personality that is clearly distinguishable from people with fuller lips. But now, there is a twist to the meaning of large lips according to different traditions that involve reading the face.

According to the Chinese, huge lips mean that a man or woman enjoys his or her freedom and may not care to be held back. Guys with large lips as well as girls of this personality are convincing in their speech more than when they just choose to act.

For women, it gets interesting since her lips indicate more than just personality traits. Women with fuller lips, such as Angelina Jolie are generally considered beautiful, especially when they also have big eyes. It is a sign of fertility and a woman’s health. Big eyes and lips indicate high levels of estrogen, according to research.

People with large upper lips, especially guys have a personality of being generous, patient bug very grudging. It is also believed large lips personality points to some sexual traits such as desire. It is for all these meanings of huge lips that people turn to the best lip plumper to make lips fuller. Other lip cosmetics are also used for the same purpose in different ways, such as good lip balms and plumping lip glosses.

Lisa Rinna Large Lips

Lisa Rinna

Large Lip Makeup – How to Do Makeup for Huge Lips

Makeup for large lips dilemmas? Well, generally, you will be told that if you have huge lips, you should not do bright lipsticks. However, you have seen people like Angelina Jolie in bright lipsticks during the Golden Globe Awards wearing bright red lipstick. But let’s put that aside since the best large lip makeup comes down to skin tone or complexion. Here are tips on makeup for larger lips:

  • If you have huge lips, you can wear any lipstick color, primer, gloss and even lip stain. Both dark and light shades of lip makeup will do, although choosing cream and matte textures is better.
  • Try to avoid too much bright colors because they are likely to make your already huge lips look even bigger.
  • You can reduce the thickness of your lips by applying lip liner a millimeter in from your natural lip line. Lip stick colors such as chocolate lipstick, brown lipstick, or pale red lipstick should also be your choices here since matte textures look good on larger lips.

How to Make Huge Lips Smaller – Downplay Bigger Lips

You can go for surgery or lip augmentation to make huge lips look smaller. However, with the right way of applying or wearing lip makeup, you will be able downplay larger lips perfectly. Here are tips for girls who want to downplay larger lips.How to Make Large Lips Smaller

  • Choose a concealer for your lips that does not rub off too soon or easily.
  • Remove any hairs from your upper lip because they will be obvious as soon as you apply your concealer.
  • Use a lip liner pencil to mark where you want your lips to be. Dab a little concealer on it just above your new lip line.
  • Fill in the lips with a lip gloss or best lipstick of your choice.
  • You can draw attention to your lower lip if you would like to reduce the thickness of your upper lip.

Guys or Men with Large Lips

Men with large lips are considered caring and much loving. Some women prefer kissing men with large lips than those with thin lips. Whether men with large lips are attractive is just a matter of personal preference. Large lip personality and meanings have been much focused on women and less on men. If you know what traits guys with huge lips are, comment below and share with other readers who want to know the personality of different types of lips.

Huge Fake Lips – Plastic Surgery for Silicone Lips

Large Lips Huge Lips

Sophie Monk

When you want to get huge lips, just to transform small lips to what many think is sexy, you can opt for huge fake lips made of silicone. The lips are a bit expensive to get, since you will be getting larger lips with surgery. The process of getting huge fake lips is definitely a plastic surgery one, and is likely to be a costly process.

Girls, Women, Actress, Models, Celebrities with Large Lips

So, which celebrities with large lips do you know? Amanda Lepore, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Lisa Rinna, Saffron Burrows, Nikki Cox, Keira Knightley, Pete Burns, Sophie Monk, Lara Flynn Boyle, Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Janice Dickinson, Annalynne McCord, Jessica Simpson, Leslie Ash, Brittany Murphy and many others are named as models or actresses with large lips according to Ahlan Live.

Do you agree with the list of celebs with large lips? Comment below.

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