Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Prevent, Best Cream, Avoid, Tips to Get Rid and Remove During, After, Post Pregnancy Belly Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks appear during the nine months and sometimes after child birth. In this article, find out how to prevent or avoid them, how to remove post pregnancy belly marks. You will also find out the best creams, lotions, oils and serums for the silver or red lines that form on belly when pregnant. Possible side effects on the baby are also important to look at.

Before child birth, most women get silver marks, pink marks, white lines or even red stretch lines around the waist, on the belly, on the arms, behind knees, on breasts and sometimes on the butt. These can be prevented or removed slowly with some of the highly effective skin products such as TriLastin SR Stretch Mark Complex and many others that are applied topically. But you can also prevent the striae by following the tips indicated in this article below.

How Do We Get Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Earlier on, we looked at the causes of stretch marks in detail and discussed at length how people get stretch marks. We narrowed down on pregnancy lines too. As you learn more on how to fade stretch marks, it is important to understand how you get stretch marks first. It is important to first have the understanding of how the marks are gotten. This way, you will be able to understand the ‘science’ behind prevention. It will also be clearer for you to know how to avoid getting the lines with a few tips here and there.

Revitol stretch marks cream

Revitol stretch marks cream

Pregnancy Stretch Marks - Some experience mild stretch marks but others get them aplenty.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Some experience mild stretch marks but others get them aplenty.

Pregnancy stretch marks are gotten because the skin around your belly stretches as the baby grows. Normally, people get these lines because they gain weight quite fast, leaving the skin stretched to ‘catch up’ with the growth. Although the term is usually associated with pregnancy lines, you will realize that stretch marks that result during the period of pregnancy fall under this category.

However, the focus is usually on breast stretch marks, belly pregnancy stretch marks and butt stretch marks. Under arms, thighs and even legs can also get pregnancy stretch marks. So, without wasting time, I did a lot of research on quite a number of ways on how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

1.    Control Pregnancy Weight Gain

When you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money trying to fade stretch marks, there are a few things you can do to avoid them. Keeping your weight gain in control is a sure way on how to avoid pregnancy stretch marks. If you end up bursting into excess weight within a short time, you are likely to end up with those unsightly marks on your tummy, breasts, arms and even butt. Weight control during pregnancy is not the easiest of things, but you need to eat a well-balanced diet that will keep weight gain during pregnancy within an acceptable range of 25 to 25 pounds – if you are carrying one baby. I put this as the first way on how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy because creams don’t always work for everyone, but we will look at them and how effective they are in removing stretch marks.

2.    Use Moisturizers

Billie Goat Soap Moisturiser - Moisturizers help reduce the effect of pregnancy stretch marks

Billie Goat Soap Moisturizer - Moisturizers help reduce the effect of pregnancy lines.

Not only do moisturizers work to prevent but also to eliminate stretch marks if you already have them. Ensure that you keep your breasts, sides, lower back, belly, thighs and arms adequately moisturized. This is a good way on how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy because they will help your skin to remain supple, less dry and itchy. Moisturizers will also help in enhancing proper exfoliation so that a new and healthy skin grows. Moisturizers are not the best options when it comes to post pregnancy stretch marks as well as removal of pregnancy lines but they will make your skin remain healthy and adaptive to the stretch. They will go a long way in preventing marks and scars during conception.

3.    Start Prevention Early

This will work magic as the best way on how to avoid pregnancy marks. Many people wait until it is too late to effectively prevent getting the stretch scars. As you plan to get pregnant, take time too to learn how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy too. Creams and moisturizers can help eliminate or get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, but they may not work well if you do not start using them at the right time.

As soon as you conceive, there are going to be hormonal changes as well as rapid changes in weight gain on your body. This will trigger the occurrence of marks and lines. A good way on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to apply moisturizers that will help your skin remain elastic as the baby grows.

4.    Eat a Healthy Diet

Milk - a good source of calcium.

Milk – a good source of calcium.

Another important way on how to avoid the lines during the 9 months is to eat a healthy diet that will nourish your skin while you are pregnant. Eating the right amount of calories is very important here besides taking prenatal vitamins, whole grains, protein and plenty of calcium.

Most natural remedies will incorporate not only dieting but also some homemade lotions and creams for removal of the scars. However, if you find it difficult finding ways on how to avoid the cosmetic problem the natural way – or using diets – your doctor should help you make choices and dieting decisions.

5.    Drink Plenty of Water

Maderma Stretch Marks Cream

Maderma Stretch Marks Cream

In order to maintain elasticity of your skin and prevent stretch marks, it is important that you take plenty of water and other fluids consistently everyday in order to maintain elasticity. Doctors always recommend hydration as one of the best ways to make your skin clear of the cracks beneath it. Leaving your skin to dry is one of the worst mistakes to do when pregnant. I recommend that you carry a bottle of water everywhere you go as a good way on how to prevent stretch marks after and before child birth.

6.    Using a Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream or Lotion

A doctor’s advice is important when choosing the best pregnancy stretch mark cream to help prevent or avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. The market has plenty of products that are claimed to work as the best options. According to many reviews, top rated therapies such as Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy work well and are safe. It is actually dermatologist recommended. Keep in mind that the best pregnancy stretch mark cream for this person may not really be the best for you. So, look for stretchmark creams that are prescribed by doctors.

Klein Becker’s Strivectin-SD Cellex-C Creams Clinique’s CX Stretch Mark
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Clarins Tonic Oil Tummy Butter
Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks KORA Organics Enriched Body Lotion Sp-OIL-ed Mama’s Oils and Butters
Tummy Honey Solutions Fading System Sundown Naturals, Vitamin E Oil Skinception
Mustela Double Action Cream Decleor Perfect Sculpt Revitol
Bella B Tummy Honey Johnson’s Baby Oil StriVectin-SD
Mama Mio Tummy Rub Mamma Mio’s Tummy Rub and Boob Tube Mederma Therapy
Melvita Prevention Revitalizing 100% Natural Coconut Oil Bio-Oil
Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil ErbaOrganics Mommy-to-Be Mambino Organics Oh Baby! Belly Butter

Best Creams and Products for Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal and Prevention

Creams, oils and moisturizers are no doubt highly recommended for prevention. However, choosing one that will work for you can prove to be a little complicated. I found a few highly rated creams for pregnancy stretch lines, oils and moisturizers that have been rated highly for helping in avoiding the development of stretch marks. It is important to read reviews of these creams, oils and moisturizers in order to be sure what can work for you. Here is the list of pregnancy stretch mark creams I made:

Home Remedies

I have heard many people claim that they have used home remedies as ways on how to avoid pregnancy stretch marks successfully. These include the following methods of how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy:

  • Coconut Oil Mixed With Cocoa Butter

    Emu Oil

    Emu Oil

  • Potato rubs
  • Pure olive oils
  • Calendula oil massage
  • Home made cocoa butter
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Adequate hydration
  • Vitamin E and Olive oil

Side effects, Precautions and Possible Dangers of Using Stretch Mark Creams during Pregnancy

Although they are very popular methods for pre and post pregnancy stretch lines, creams, oils, moisturizers and lotions can come with their own side effects. Pregnant women can be exposed to dangers such as increased itching, hypersensitivity and even allergies if they do not get prescription stretch mark creams, lotions, oils and moisturizers for pregnant women.

If you are about to start breastfeeding, it is highly cautioned that you have a doctor’s advice before applying pregnancy stretch mark creams on the belly and breasts because they can affect the baby and even the production of milk. Some of the creams for fading or eliminating pregnancy stretch marks can really work, but they may come with their own side effects. Ensure that you do your own research and get a prescription before you opt for these as a way on how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy.

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

As I said earlier, tips for choosing pregnancy stretch mark creams to help on how to prevent red lines while pregnant can be a bit confusing. What should you look for in creams and other products on how to avoid the silver lines?

I will recommend two important aspects. First, get a prescription on how to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy using oils, creams, moisturizers and lotions. This will ensure that you and your baby are safe while using these creams. Secondly, look for common safe ingredients that are used in treatment of stretch marks. Here are some of the important ingredients to look for while choosing the best pregnancy stretch mark creams and general products on how to avoid pregnancy stretch marks. Remember to check with your doctor to be sure these ingredients are safe for you during pregnancy.

The common ingredients include Vitamin E, Emollients, minerals, sunscreens, plant extracts and sunless tanners, jojoba oils, aloe vera gel, Aloe Vera Extract (aloe barbadenis), Vitamin B5, Vitamin A, and Soybean Germ extract, Onion bulb extract, Retin-A (a form of Vitamin A), Grapefruit Seed Extract, Purified Water, Glyceryl Stearate, Vegetable Emulsifier, Glycerin, Caprylic Triglyceride, Dimethicone, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Allantoin, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Carbomer, DL-Penthenol, 10% Squalene Oil (Olea europeae isolates), Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3.

Watch this Quick Video on Prevention of Stretch Marks

How do you prevent/avoid pregnancy stretch marks? Comment below!

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    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the
    video to make your point. You obviously know what you’re talking about.

  2. Taylor

    my friend Jackline just told me that home made cocoa butter is good at getting rid of stretch marks during pregnancy. could you please expound on that. I have experience with bio oil and i have used it consistently. it has worked for me….only to prevent and fade them a little. I guess most products out tehre are very disappointing.

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    Hi Taylor,
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    moisturize moisturize moisturize. that is the only way of avoiding pregnancy lines. nothing else. please forget about those creams that promise overnight results….you will use them 1 year long, no result. anyway, those things are supposed to disappear. they do disappear in men after all, right? men dont use anti-stretch mark creams left right, but theirs get lost fast! and i thing that is the way to go! taht is my two cents, folks.

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