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Blue contact lenses are definitely the best way to get blue eyes. From baby blue contact lenses to other shades of blue, you can choose exactly what will suit your eye color best. Like other contact lenses, baby blue contact lenses are also found online with and without prescription. Some of them will be cheap. Know how to choose, where to buy, safety, how to wear, best blue contacts for dark, brown and green eyes, and other important tips on this page.

Best Blue Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

When choosing the best bright or light-blue contact lenses for dark eyes, it is recommended that you look for opaque colored contact lenses. Therefore, the tip here is to select the best brands of blue contacts with the words opaque in them. Examples are:

Blue contact lenses.

Blue contact lenses.

  • Acuvue 2 Colours – Opaques
  • Natural Touch Opaque (Elegance Opaque)

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The trick might not be in the clue contact lenses for dark eyes only. Eye makeup as well as outfits and hair color can determine all these factors. You can buy the best blue contacts for dark brown eyes, but keep in mind that you can try almost any other types of contact lenses to transform your looks to what you want. That includes Halloween contacts for dark brown eyes.

Tips for Choosing Best Blue Contacts for Dark Brown and Green Eyes

When choosing the best blue contact lenses for dark eyes, you should opt for lenses with more blue on the lenses and. Faded-blue or a weaker shade on the pupil area will work excellently. Natural dark brown eyes get a very good natural blue when the shade of the blue is opaque. However, if your eyes are light green or light gray colored, choose blended contacts. Shades of blue contacts such as light blue, royal blue, and bright blue may also give a striking effect. Opaque blue contact lenses are particularly very good for people with black eyes, brown eyes, and grey eyes. If you are already blessed with blue eyes, opt for blue contacts that are less opaque for a seamless natural look. These will only enhance your eye color.

Best Blue Contact Lenses for Green Eyes

Blue contact lenses for dark eyes.

Blue contact lenses for dark eyes.

Like for brown and dark eyes, blue contact lenses also brighten green eyes. Similarly, you can opt for opaque blue contacts for green eyes, though this will not make much of a difference. Bright blue contact lenses will work best for green eyes, but it all comes down to personal preference. Opaque turquoise colored contact lenses are said to highlight green eyes by giving a more solid color. They will completely cover your natural green eye color, leaving you with a new blue eye color. Bright blue finishes are also marvelous for green eye color.

Best Designs of Blue Contact Lenses

You can buy blue contact lenses online for cheap, and be able to choose several designs. Complementing patterns from different manufacturers are also available, all of which provide variety and a unique appearance. For brown eyes and dark eyes, patterns with more opaque elements are recommended. You can also find prescription blue-contact lenses for different eye types, including astigmatism blue contacts. Prescriptions ones may be expensive and with little variety. Most fashionable patterns or designs contain various shades of blue, so that some parts appear to be bright blue, others light blue. Some blue contacts can also be blended with other colors such as yellow, black and so on. This can create Halloween or crazy contact effects.

Tips for Buying Blue Contact Lenses (Choosing Tips Included)

Ensure you take safety precautions when buying nonprescription blue contacts.

Ensure you take safety precautions when buying nonprescription blue contacts.

  • Buy blue-contact lenses from dealers who are licensed and trusted to sell legitimate lenses. Their products should be approved by the FDA.
  • Buy blue colored contact only for dark eyes since they are originally designed for such eye colors. Light eye colors may not show the effect of any bright blue contacts.
  • Choose best blue contacts that will suit your skin color.
  • Know the size of your cornea before buying blue colored contact lenses. This is where you might need to visit an ophthalmologist first for an eye exam. The diameter and the bottom curve are all important to know to avoid choosing contacts that are uncomfortable to wear.
  • Observe safety precautions when buying bluish contact lenses, just as you do with Halloween contacts. This will avoid eye infections and injuries. Knowing how to put on blue contacts will be an advantage.

Where to Buy Cheap Blue Contact Lenses Non Prescription – Online

Freshlooks, Uvucue, Colorvue, Ciba Vision and others have prescription blue contact lenses for dark eyes or any other eye color you have. However, you must have prescription from an eye doctor in order to use buy these best brands of colored contact lenses. You can still find blue contacts from other online sources, in fact for cheap. Buy Colored and Costume Contacts.

A lot of searching will have to be done here. YouKnowIt, FourEyez, GetLenses, BlueBanana, PimpyEyes and many other outlets sell blue contact lenses non prescription. The challenge with these is that you risk eye damage or infection when you go for non-prescription blue-contact lenses. Non-prescription blue contact lenses from top brands such as Freshlooks, Ciba Vision, Uvucue and others may be expensive and difficult to find. However, ordinary ones such as those at YouKnowIt are cheap blue contacts and go not beyond $60. You can buy these cheap blue contacts online.

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